Nothing beats the live experience, and luckily people sometimes capture parts of the performance with cellphones etc. No hi-fi recordings here, just raw, live, on-the-fly low tech footage. Tons of atmosphere and some great performances. 

Delving into the past, Alan began his recording career in Japan, first producing a Japanese language album, then a mindblowing solo effort that is so good you can't understand why the label only released it in Japan. ..........After that came VODKA COLLINS

Next, Alan went to the UK and found success with ARROWS. Three popular chart hit singles, two going Top 30, one going Top 10, and the 4th single got them a TV show.....

RUNNER were an Adult Oriented Rock band formed to crack the US market. Their album made the charts but the band failed to thrive

This is Alan's version of his song "Shake Me" which was covered by Rick DERRINGER on his Good Dirty Fun album. Alan appeared on three Derringer albums