You may not know the name, but you certainly know his work. Who can forget the classic song   "I Love Rock'n'Roll"? 

New Yorker Alan Merrill is the greatest hidden treasure of Rock'n'Roll. One of the world's finest rock & pop songwriters, he is also one of the least known, but best rock vocalists of all time.  He has gone virtually unnoticed in his home country because of his unusual career path which has always been a step to the left of the mainstream.  After fifty years as a professional rock musician he is still writing, recording and performing his own compositions and has an ever increasing fan-base wherever he performs his energetic live shows. 

Alan Merrill wrote "I Love Rock'n'Roll" 

when he was living in London in 1975, for his band ARROWS, part of the very successful stable of artists at Mickie Most's RAK Records.  

Arrows already had three successful UK chart hits under their belt when the strength of their fourth single, 
 "I Love Rock'n'Roll"  impressed TV pop show impresario Muriel Young.

She offered a prestigious after-school TV slot to the band who then made two seasons of their eponymous show "Arrows" for Granada TV in the UK. 

Alan Merrill became a huge pin up idol in the UK and Europe, just as he had previously in Japan.  

Alan began his professional recording career in Japan, both as a solo artist and with his highly acclaimed pioneering Glam Rock band VODKA COLLINS 

 A disagreement with their record label caused ARROWS terrible problems.  Mickie Most refused to release further Arrows records or promote the band, so despite having a very successful TV show, and being all over the teen magazines, Arrows were unable to capitalize on their successes and after the show ended the band broke up. 

The 1990s saw a return to Japan,  and the band 

VODKA COLLINS was reformed for a tour, on the back of the re-issue of their highly successful 1973 album "Tokyo-New York". The tour went well and the band recorded the albums "Chemical Reaction", "Pink Soup", and "Boys Life" in 1996, '97 and '98 

It was at this point that Alan began releasing his music on his own MEC Records label

Since the Millennium, Alan Merrill has released a large number of albums on the MEC label and most can be purchased very reasonably at CD Baby

Alan Merrill went on to co-found RUNNER, a four piece band whose demo was so good they were immediately signed by Island Records. 

Their album, also called "Runner" made the Billboard charts, but the band split due to differences before they could finish recording their second album. 

Alan returned to the USA in 1980 where he played guitar with Rick DERRINGER, appearing on three Derringer albums,  writing three of the songs on  "Good Dirty Fun". 

In 1982 "I Love Rock'n'Roll" was covered by Joan Jett and her version became a worldwide hit. 

After releasing a well received solo album on Polydor Records,  Alan moved over to MEAT LOAF's band towards the end of the decade. 

Alan Merrill is still very much in demand as a live performer on the New York Rock and Blues club circuit and has in recent years toured extensively in the UK and Europe and in Japan, gaining new fans everywhere he goes. 

People quickly realize that Alan Merrill is the genuine article, a real life rock star that somehow always managed to retain his love of music and put that above the urge for fame and fortune as a cog in the mainstream machine of the music industry. You can find out a lot more about Alan at


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